Trek Decking Orange County NY

Trek decking is the perfect choice for homeowners in Orange County NY where land and water meet. The material was developed by a Scandinavian company and is manufactured by TREK Incorporated, which has been operating in North America since 1976.

The wood that is used to make trek decking comes from 100% recycled sources. This makes it an ideal choice around pools because there’s no fear of splinters or rough edges, unlike with traditional wood decking. In addition, this environmentally friendly product can be made into different shapes and designs because the technology uses pressure instead of heat to fuse the panels together. What this means is you can get a custom look to enhance your outdoor space without having to settle for only one design!

If you want to fully personalize the decking, you can choose any paint color to create a crisp and modern design for your patio.


Trek decking stands up well to harsh outdoor conditions because it is finished with aluminum oxide, which protects against all types of weather. This makes it an ideal material for areas near bodies of water, including pools, patios, and decks. This decking won’t warp or rot like wood decking can when it gets wet. The product will also never need staining because the aluminum oxide finish makes it impervious to scratches or dings that might happen outdoors. There’s no need to replace trek decking if small pieces break off either due to normal wear or vandals – since the product is made with recycled materials, small pieces can be replaced with scrap material.


Following the steps below will help you ensure your trek decking stays in great condition for years to come:Trek Decking Hudson Valley


1. Clean your trek decking regularly using a soft brush and a mild soap solution to scrub away dirt and grime.

2. Remove any mold or algae using a scrubbing pad dipped in bleach water. Be sure to rinse off all bleach residue completely so it doesn’t damage the finish of your aluminum oxide surface. The primer used by TREK Incorporated is also resistant to chlorine, bromine, and saltwater.

3. Hose down the entire surface of your trek decking once a week for between 5-10 minutes during the summer months – this will help ensure all dirt and grime is removed before it becomes embedded in the surface.

4. Never use acid-based or abrasive cleaners on any part of your trek decking to clean it. These types of agents can scratch the finish, voiding your warranty.

5 . Apply a coat of aluminum oxide sealer every two years to keep your trek decking looking new for longer.

Trek decking allows you to create lasting memories by bringing family and friends together outdoors with one simple investment that doesn’t require much upkeep at all!

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