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A deck is an outdoor, raised platform structure that can be used for recreation or other purposes. Decks are usually elevated from the ground on other structural supports. They are generally enclosed by a rail and/or balusters, although some decks may not use rails or balusters at all. The decking material works as both weatherproof flooring and as a railing around the deck’s perimeter. It must stand up to the elements while looking attractive and protecting against injury.

Deck repair services by professional contractors may be necessary to maintain beauty and integrity. Decks can fail due to lack of maintenance or other environmental factors such as weather, insects, and poor construction techniques. The cost of deck repair services depends on the extent of the damage.

Decks made from wood are more likely to need repairs than those made from other materials because they are exposed to the elements. The amount of exposure a wood deck experiences will determine how often it needs attention. New decks may last for several years before any maintenance, while a high-traffic or old wooden deck may require annual attention. Most wood, except teak, can rot and warp after exposure to moisture and heat, so this is one major cause of damaged decks that need repairs. You can prevent this by using water sealant and oil treatments as needed throughout the life of the deck.

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When Should You Get Your Deck Repaired?

The best way to know if you need to fix your deck is to inspect it regularly and perform annual preventative maintenance tasks. Some warning signs that your deck needs immediate attention include: 

  • Severe discoloration
  • Peeling of coating or bubbling paint
  • Warped boards
  • Structural cracks in wood components (rails, posts)
  • Lose balusters/clusters

Pool Deck Repair

As one of the top deck companies in Hudson Valley NY, our goal is to improve your home or business through our expertise. A part of it is to inspect and fix all your pool deck’s issues because we know how important for you and your family to hang out outdoors. Some of these include:

  • If there are cracks in the concrete surrounding your pool.
  • If the pool deck breaks off, you may need replacement in severe cases.
  • If there are holes in your pool deck. 
  • If rust is becoming a problem around your pool’s frame.

After we repair all the problems with your pool deck, it is time to perform preventative maintenance so that nothing happens again. Here are tips you can do:

  • When storing objects on top of your pool deck, be sure to use plastic or cloth covers so that no paint comes off onto the concrete. 
  • If water remains on your pool deck for too long, it will damage the surface. Cover up any areas where gutters are connected to rain drains to prevent water from seeping into the cracks. 
  • Put down weed blocks over the cracks regularly, if necessary, to keep weeds away.
  • If you leave your above-ground pool empty for a while during winter, drain it entirely and use a cover to protect the pool deck.

Deck Maintenance

Your outdoor deck has been constructed by local building codes and standards, ensuring that the material used to build it meets all safety requirements while providing strength and durability against changing weather conditions. While it allows for optimum performance for many years under ideal conditions, other elements play into how long your outdoor deck will remain in good condition. Maintaining your deck properly ensures it will look its best for as long as possible.

Our deck maintenance services include:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance visits
  • Detailed inspection of your deck before every visit
  • Specialized treatment solutions for different types of wood
  • Application of updated best practices
  • A commitment to sustainable environmental practices
  • Expert repair, sanding, and sealing work when necessary.
  • Cleaning of wood pores
  • Repairs where boards have warped or shrunk over time 
  • Removal of mildew spores from cracks in timbers
  • Application of a protective coating that penetrates deep into the wood grain to protect against damaging elements such as UV rays and rainwater runoff. 

Deck Restoration

In the pursuit of making your home look great, you may want to consider restoring your deck. Over time, decks can get worn down, and the wood will age and become damaged. Rotten boards, grayed wood, or splinters along the railings are all signs that a deck restoration is needed. If you’re ready to take on this project, you’ll need to decide between using a solid color or a semi-transparent stain for your restore deck stain job.   

Solid Color Restore Deck Stain

Solid color restores deck finish is a paint applied directly over faded or chipped old finishes without sanding or stripping them. The quickest way to rejuvenate an old deck is to apply a solid color restore deck finish in the same stain that was originally used on the deck. However, you should note that solid colors don’t always cover all flaws or wear patterns on older wood. This type of restoration is best served when decks are relatively new and still have some depth to their color.  

Semi-Transparent Restore Deck Stain

When refurbishing an old deck, semi-transparent finishes are the most popular options because they deliver more even coverage than solid colors do with little to no blotching. The secret behind this is the use of multiple coats – one coat being pigment, which creates opacity, another being resin, which creates adhesion. 

Semi-transparent stains often give off a weathered appearance and create a depth of color that solid colors can’t achieve. That’s why many homeowners choose to use this type of restore deck stain when they want the beauty of their wood grain to shine through after application.


Whether you’re planning on using a solid color restore deck stain or semi-transparent finish, you must apply the product into bare wood, allowing it to penetrate for at least an hour before applying a second coating or sanding in between coats. You should also know that most products require up to five days of drying before using any protective finishes, such as water sealant or exterior paint. 

But most importantly, don’t forget about your safety while choosing between solid color and semi-transparent restore deck stains. Always read the product labels thoroughly before using them, especially if you have any known allergies.

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