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Professional Pergola-Building Contractor

As soon as the temperature begins to increase, summer can become intolerable. You will want to move to a cooler place so you don’t have to endure the searing heat when you go outside. However, when you install a pergola, you can now have a comfortable and cool space in your backyard. Let us get a custom pergola installed where you can spend time with your friends and family without having to complain about the hot summer temperature. 

Pergola installation service

We are your go-to local pergola contractor with many years of experience. No matter what pergola design you give to us, our team will be able to build your pergola. The following are some of the pergola installation services we offer:


1. Pergola consultation 

What kind of pergola would you like us to build for you? Where would you like to have it installed? The answers to those questions can help to determine the total installation price. Our experts will discuss various pergola designs with you, along with the longevity of various designs, cost, and approximate ETA. If you don’t have a specific design in mind, we can show you various pergola designs. they provide your backyard with cool shade and will last for many years.


2. Pergola installation and sourcing materials 

Before we start to source the necessary materials, we will consider your instructions. Premium-quality materials are used by our team to ensure your pergola does not break down due to storms or heavy wind. Strict attention is paid to detail by our installation experts so that your pergola ends up looking like a fine piece of art. Our quality control team will also check the final results to make sure there will be no complaints later on.


3. Maintenance

To increase your pergola’s lifespan, maintenance is necessary. Maintaining your pergola might be challenging due to its height. Rather than taking the risk of doing the maintenance and cleaning on your own, allow us to do the hard work for you. We can come out o your house to check your pergola twice a year. Our checks include testing the tensile strength and elasticity of your pergola so that it will not blow away in a storm or during heavy winds.   


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A picture of a luxurious white pergola supported by pillars over a patio seating area for a luxury home.

Why you need to have professional help

There are many videos that will show it is possible to get a pergola set up on your own. Yes, it is possible to do as long as you have the right installation tools. However, we recommend that you do not try doing it by yourself due to having to climb to tall heights and when you use the tools it could result in an accident. Leave it to certified ad experienced professionals. The latest machines are used by our licensed technicians to install your pergola. 

It does not take much time at all for us to get a pergola installed at your home. That is due to the fact that we plan everything out ahead of time. That allows us to keep a close eye on all of the details and ensure your pergola is long-lasting. You will not need to worry about spending money, energy, and time to build a pergola by yourself. Allow our licensed experts to do all of the hard work for you while you enjoy the benefits it provides to your home. 

Contact our team here at Hudson Valley Deck and Fence and we will gladly help you decide the best design and materials for your pergola, we can then discuss the installation cost and construction time when we meet for an appointment. 

We are Pergola building experts.

Ready to get started or request more info? Give us a call and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

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