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When you decide to build a deck in Orange County NY, there are so many decisions and trade-offs that go into the process. From type of wood to length and color of stain, it can be hard for homeowners (and their contractors) to make all the right choices. This week we’re going to take a look at some different types of decks and talk about why they might or might not be good for your property.


Let’s start with the traditional deck, made of pressure-treated wood, which is usually either pine or cedar. These decks are low-maintenance but offer no insulation if you plan on using your deck to entertain guests during cold weather months. Because of the material they’re made from, these decks will also last at least 10 years before needing any kind of maintenance other than an occasional washing down with soap and water (and yes, you should be doing that).Orange County Decks and More


Another option is a plastic or aluminum deck. Any contractor worth their salt would steer clear of these flimsy offerings; while they may look like real wood (and let’s face it – who doesn’t want that?), the color fades after only about five years and they give your house the impression of low quality.


The most expensive option – and also the most durable – is a real wood deck, such as cedar or teak. A good real wood deck will last at least 20 years before you need to do any kind of maintenance on it other than an occasional wash down with soap and water (seriously). These decks are also often large enough that they provide great spaces for entertaining in their own right: just add some comfortable seating and lighting!


No matter what type of deck you choose, one thing is certain: decks make your property more valuable. In addition to giving parties more space outdoors, they also open up more living areas inside for you to enjoy. Think about all the extra space in your living room or den that you can use because of the deck.

Some last things to consider when considering decks are size, color, and materials. If you have a tiny backyard, think about how big of a deck would fit best. Keep in mind that bigger is better – even if it means sacrificing an additional tree or flower bed. Decks come in virtually every imaginable color, with some manufacturers offering more realistic colors than others. Finally, think about what material will work best for your climate with composite material being the worst choice in most places where weather is unpredictable year-round.

By now I hope this article has educated you on what type of deck may be right for your Orange County NY home. Feel free to share this article on your Facebook page and tell all of your friends about the importance of having a deck!

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