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Buying a house involves spending thousands of bucks. You spend a few more decorating the interior. But why not decorate the exterior also? Most importantly, you shouldn’t forget to secure your house with a sturdy fence and keep intruders from lurking around. 


One of the best ways to decorate your home’s exterior is to install a deck. It gives you an additional place to relax, especially when you have guests coming over. You can host an outdoor party on your deck with your friends and enjoy on weekend evenings. But you need a professional who can handle the job of installing a deck and fence on your property. Allow us to take responsibility and make the project successful. Upper Nyack Deck and Fence is the leading deck and fence contractor in your locality and would make sure that our service leaves a big smile on your face once we finish.

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Professional Deck Contractor in Your City

Sure, many YouTube videos claim that it’s easy to install a deck and fence if you spend time and money. But that would mean spending days building the deck. Most importantly, there’s no guarantee that it will be sturdy and durable. This is because you lack experience in this job. You may end up spending a lot more because you have to buy the materials, tools, accessories, and colors. 

Moreover, you may need to hire a professional anyway if you don’t achieve the desired results. Instead of spending your time, money, and energy on something that you are not confident about, let us do the job because we have the skill and expertise to handle these projects efficiently.

Our Services

We install customized decks and fences on your property. Additionally, we also provide the following services:

You can rely on our experienced, licensed, and certified professionals to implement the designs you have in mind. We love challenges, and we would appreciate if you give us a design that allows us to show our skills. Our brilliant team stays updated with the latest building codes to prevent legal problems later. We also use advanced tools and machines to complete your project in time. 

Why Hire Us

We are your local deck and fence contractor that promises to provide high-quality service whenever you hire us. Our company believes in customer satisfaction more than making money. We feel that your review will help us get more clients in the future. Here are a few more reasons why we think you should hire us:

Licensed and insured

Our company is fully licensed and insured. We also stay up to date with the latest building codes. Our certified craftsmen will handle your project efficiently and make your deck, fence, pergola, or gazebo look like a piece of art.


We have been in this business for many years now. This gives us the experience to work efficiently and pay attention to detail. Our reputation in this industry makes us the best deck and fence contractor in your locality. We assure you that your neighbors and friends will want to know about the company that installed the deck and fence on your property.

High-quality service

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We believe that our company's reputation belongs in your hands. If we fail to impress you, our reputation will get tarnished in no time. We would never want that. Instead, we provide the best craftsmanship and precision so that you can appreciate our work once we finish. There is no better prize for us than your smile.

No advance payment

We don't ask for advance payments from anyone. Instead, we only ask for payment once we finish the job. Consider us as your go-to contractor if you want to install a deck, fence, gazebo, or pergola in your house. Call us today to fix an appointment as soon as possible to discuss your plan.

We are deck and fence experts.

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Building a new deck and fence

We will set up an appointment once you call us. You can discuss your plan in detail. This helps us provide an estimate and ETA. We can start your project once you decide to hire us. Here’s how we work.



1. Land inspection


We start by inspecting the land on which you want to install the deck and fence. Sometimes we need to prepare the land by clearing rocks, trees, gravels, and mud. It allows us to work faster and maintain our service quality. 



2. Source materials


Apart from inspecting the land, we also source the materials required to install the deck and fence. The materials will depend on the type of deck and fence you want to install. 



3. Install deck and fence


Our experts will work as planned to install a wonderful deck and fence on your property. We pay strict attention to detail to make sure they last for years. A quality control team also checks our work once we finish. From the deck posts to the fence’s color, the quality team inspects every aspect to ensure you don’t have anything to complain about later.

An image of an elevated deck with patio furnature.

Here are a few more reasons why you should hire us as your deck and fence contractor instead of DIY:

  • Implementing customized designs – Our experts can install decks and fences according to the designs you want. Let us know if you want to install a fancy deck. We already have some unique designs that we are sure you will love. It may be possible to implement those designs alone. We have enough experience to install those designs to make your deck and fence look beautiful.

  • Quick turnaround time – We take a look at your plot and plan before providing an ETA. Our skillful workers finish the job within the time we provide. This means you can expect to see your deck and fence within a few days.

  • Cost-effective – Hiring us is cost-effective as you don’t need to buy anything. All you need to do is tell us your plan and let us do the rest. From sourcing materials to applying finishing touches, we will take care of everything.

Your Trusted Deck and Fence Contractor in Upper Nyack NY

Consider us as your go-to contractor if you want to install a deck, fence, gazebo, or pergola in your house. Call us today to fix an appointment as soon as possible to discuss your plan.


We Strive For Satisfaction

Upper Nyack Deck and Fence provides professional concrete services for residential and commercial customers in Upper Nyack. After working in the industry for more than three decades, we have the experience necessary to get great results every time. Along with our standard services, we also create decorative concrete through the use of techniques like stamping and staining. From pool decks and driveways to pathways or patios, finishes like these can be used to enhance your exterior space. When it comes to customer service and quality, we are by far the best choice.

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